The Chief Rabbinate of Israel

 The Chief Rabbinate of Israel is recognized by law as the head of religious law and spiritual authority for the Jewish people in Israel. The rabbinate has jurisdiction over many aspects of life of Jews in Israel, including marriage and divorce, burials, conversion, kosher certification and supervision of holy sites.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel consists of two Chief Rabbis, one  Ashkenazi  and one  Sephardic. They are elected for a ten year period and they alternate the presidency every six months. The new chief rabbis were elected in 2013 and are David Lau as the Ashkenazi rabbi and Yitzak Yosef as the Sephardic rabbi.
Ashkenazi Rabbi:              Sephardic Rabbi:
David Lau                         Yitzhak Yosef
 Oded Wiener is director-general of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.



 Rabbi David Rosen is the International Director of Interreligious affairs of AJC and is an  advisor for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.